About Us

We are based in Chester and work across the north of England and North Wales.

John Jules Photography consists of John Nispeling and Julie Gordon and we have been taking photographs professionally for over 20 years. Photography is our passion and we love doing it.  When we go on holiday, the decisions are not about what clothes to take, but what lenses!

We have had the privilege to capture many important milestones in our customers’ lives – at their wedding, their first child and as the family grows.

It is easy to ask someone to smile for a photo, but it takes a certain talent (and a level of modesty, if we say so ourselves) to make them laugh and have an enjoyable experience. We don’t excessively touch-up our photographs, unless it is part of the assignment, and often it is not necessary. The benefit of experience is that you know what will work and what won’t, add in a few tricks of the trade, and we can set-up and capture the images that best reflect you.

Our Gallery pages highlight some of the great shoots we’ve done in recent times and it still thrills us how a smidgeon of imagination, combined with a customer’s trust can generate wonderful results. Have a read of the customer testimonials to see what they think.

John_Jules_Photography_studioOur new state-of-the-art studio is located in Queens Park, Chester, just across the River Dee. It offers a fantastic space to photograph individuals or large groups, and for the location shoots we bring a portable lighting set to ensure the quality and service does not differ even if the destination does.

A recent move to Chester has brought not only a location change, but was also the push that we needed to relaunch our website and start a blog and dabble in a bit of social media. It is an exciting addition to our business and a bit of a personal indulgence for us to share and documents our observations (through a lens) and travels through life, as well as offer tips and advice for the budding amateur photographers how each shot was captured. We welcome questions and comments from like-minded photo buffs.

Contact us to find out more. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.