Lookin’ right at you!

A day away to Conwy in North Wales with our guests from the Netherlands and, despite my better judgement, I didn’t take my trusty Nikon D3, but decided to carry the much lighter Fuji HS 20 around.

There was so much activity along the harbour front, kids crabbing with their families, ice-cream eaters and beer drinkers, all enjoying the nice weather.  The seaside would not be complete without Seagulls perched everywhere waiting for scraps of food. I noticed one particular bird was following all my movements as I was taking pictures and I visualised the shot in my mind almost at the same time as I took it.

It was only later, when I saw all the photos on my screen, that I realised how different a Seagull looks when its looking directly at you or away from you.

My thoughts where on the large opening Diafragma preference (A) and that the shutter speed will adapt automaticly with 800 ISO, but I wonder what on earth goes in the mind off the Seagull whilst it is looking at you?

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