Something about the night …


I love night photography.  To me there is something very special about finding the right location, setting up your tripod and deciding on what specifications your going to use to get the shot.

London offers some of the most well known buildings in the world and the Houses of Parliament is lit up at night to show it’s full magnificence. This image was taken at dusk and the challenge was to capture the reflections in the water, the detail in the building and prevent the glare from the lights. Some photographs require professional equipment, others just need the photographer to understand how his/her camera works, and night photography really does separate those who know from those who don’t. It’s a gives you so much satisfaction when you find out you’ve moved into the ‘know’ camp.

Night photography is one of the modules we cover in the SLR photography courses we run at our studio in Chester.  If you’re interested in learning more, have a look at our photo course page.


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